Ralph N. Jones

Aerospace and Cyberspace Consulting

Software Manual Preparation

I am a project engineer at a major aerospace company, specializing in real-time operations and related documentation. I can publish the user manual for your low-production PC software product, in either paper or online form, at economical rates. For a sample of my work, you are invited to email me a page of your existing manual or programmer's notes at ralph@nomeking.com. Include a description of the product, and I will be glad to return a rewritten page and furnish an estimate for a complete publication job. Strict confidentiality will be observed.

If you are involved with civil engineering, architecture or 3D modeling, you may have seen some of my software manuals supplied with the following products by Schreiber Instruments :

QuickSurf ADS (Surface modeling), Imagine Nursery (Architectural tree modeling), 3D People (Human figure modeling), GeoKit (Subsurface strata modeling), Imagine Sun (Sunlight modeling), Oscar Talks (Talking face modeling), QuickRoads (Highway design), Imagine Golfpak (Golf course modeling), Projector (Map transformations), Stretch (Rubber sheeting), Imagine Airpak (Airport modeling).

I am also a licensed commercial pilot and nationally seeded competition sailplane pilot, and have extensive knowledge of aviation history. Please contact me with your requirements for specialized consulting services in aviation and space technologies.

Animation Products

I am developing a series of CD-ROM based animations that illustrate some of the pivotal mechanical engineering inventions of the 20th Century. Two of these, a study of the radial piston aircraft engine and one of the Colt M1911 .45-caliber pistol, are available for shipment.