The Steam Locomotive

An Examination of Steam Propulsion Engineering on CD-ROM

This project looks at steam locomotives, those magical machines that can still transform grown men into little boys. Right now I'm about half way through it. When finished it will illustrate the entire steam propulsion cycle, from firebox to smokestack, and especially the hypnotic motion of the valve gear.

The locomotive used for this project is Engine 765 of the Nickel Plate Road, a 2-8-4 freight engine built by the Lima Locomotive Works in 1944 and kept in running shape today by the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society in Indiana. Here are some of the parts modeled so far:

            Drivers, pistons and valve gear          Frame assembly          Leading truck

                         Driving wheels                                                    Frame                                               Leading truck

             Rear cylinder head          Throttle and superheaters          Trailing truck 
                          Rear cylinder head                                      Superheaters                                           Trailing truck

                                                                               Baker valve gear  

                                                                                         Baker valve gear