Inside the .45

An Examination of the US Pistol, Caliber .45, M1911A1 on CD-ROM

This series of animations centers on the M1911A1 pistol, a later incarnation of the pistol patented by John Browning in 1911 and produced by several companies, with Colt's Patent Firearms Company by far the largest producer. This weapon is a classic example of the partial-stroke recoil-operation principle.

Twenty animations on the CD-ROM show the operation of every moving part in the .45 in the pre-Series 80 and Series 80 (added safety parts) versions, and the entire disassembly sequence. Click on the links below for sample still frames of some of the animation sequences:

Start Of Recoil Cycle
Late In Recoil Cycle
Cartridge feed
Trigger/sear/disconnector action
Series 80 system
Recoil spring disassembly
Frame disassembly

System Requirements

This product is designed to run under Windows 95™ or later, and it needs a reasonably powerful machine for best results. The animation files range from 2 to 8 megabytes long, and for smooth animation your machine will have to have enough memory to cache them. If your memory size is smaller than the animation files, they will still run but there will be jerks in the animation as the files are read and reread from the disk.

The animations are rendered at 800x600 resolution. All of them run smoothly on a 64 Mb machine.

This product is based on a .pdf file, which means you will need Adobe Acrobat™. Most recent Windows machines have it installed; a copy is provided on the installation disk for those that don't.

The animations are .avi files and will run if you have Microsoft Video For Windows™ (on Windows 95 machines), the Windows Media Player, or any other popular animation display program.

The product has no installation routine as such; it's just a .pdf file that calls .avi files, and you can run it from the CD-ROM or copy it into a hard disk directory and run it from there.

Inside the .45 is available on CD-ROM at $25. To purchase it, go to Contacts & Ordering.